Waterproofing Services

Without any kind of damp proofing to your home or business, you run the risk of expensive repairs and valuable downtime for running a business. Paint Contractor Johannesburg is your best choice for waterproofing contractors in Gauteng province for roof waterproofing, foundations, waterproofing walls for any type of building, whether it’s your home or business.

Paint Contractor Johannesburg Waterproofing
Waterproofing Using The Torching Method
Painting Contractor Johannesburg Waterproofing With Torch Method

Dampproofing counts for a small part in any building or foundation and when not done properly or done to specifications and goes wrong, it becomes the biggest problem to deal with in your home or business and becomes expensive, fast. PCJ are specialist waterproofing contractors who offer commercial and residential waterproofing services in and around Gauteng. With our dedicated and qualified technicians, Paint Contractor Johannesburg offers services as listed below as a few examples:

  • Foundation Dampproofing
  • Waterproofing Bathrooms
  • Flat Roof Waterproofing
  • Dampproofing

Dampproofing is a simple and cost-effective solution to protect your investments from serious water damage and structural damages. Waterproofing walls is an easy starting point to secure your home, followed by roof waterproofing to protect your ceilings and home interior. PCJ will take care of all your home and business damp proofing requirements fast and efficiently while ensuring the highest of workmanship is carried out. Paint Contractor Johannesburg offers cost effective damp proofing solutions to ensure you don’t break the bank over something as simple and straightforward as dampproofing, so give PCJ waterproofing contractors a call today and rest easy knowing the best do the best, best!

A Building Rooftop That's Already Been Waterproofed
Painting Contractor Johannesburg Waterproofed Building Rooftop

PCJ is your best waterproofing company who has the experience and know-how with fully equipped teams on the road ready to get to you and start work in no time. PCJ also offers an array of techniques to suit any and all situations and customers’ requirements like with the use of waterproof:

  • Spray Applicators
  • Membrane
  • Sheets
  • Spray
  • Paint
A Homeowner's Skylight That's Been Treated With Waterproofing
Painting Contractor Johannesburg Waterproofing Residential Skylight

Let the best do the best, the first time around. Paint Contractor Johannesburg and our teams are professionals and know how to handle any situation, whether it be a private home, large commercial building or restaurant, PCJ is guaranteed to get the job done on time. If you own a business where you rely on foot traffic, PCJ won’t get in the way or disrupt business as we work around your time and your schedule, including weekends and public holidays. Just another reason why Paint Contractor Johannesburg is your best choice. Find out for yourself who the best in the business is and give Paint Contractor Johannesburg a call right away and see for yourself.

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