Roof Painting

Roof painting contractors may come in many shapes and forms, but Paint Contractor Johannesburg has the word contractor in our name, so that has to make us the best, right? Right! Only expect the best quality painting services offered by PCJ.

Paint Contractor Johannesburg Roof Painting
A House Roof Being Painted By Two Painters
Painting Contractors Johannesburg Painting House Roof

Paint Contractor Johannesburg is the best roof painters around Gauteng who offer roof painting and ceiling painting on a daily basis for all residential and commercial customers. Roof painting is often neglected but in reality, your roof tiles are exposed to the elements all day long and left unprotected for a long time cause more harm than good and costs you more in the future. Ceiling paint is also often left out simply because a ceiling is not eye level and goes unnoticed, unlike wall painting. Paint Contractor Johannesburg offers roof painting and painting ceilings which are an easy task for us, so never let your home or business go with an unpainted ceiling again, PCJ is only a phone call away with the best roof painters available.

Painting Ceiling White With A Paint Roller
Painting Contractors Johannesburg Painting Ceiling With Paint Roller
  • Painting Roof Tiles / Painting Roof Shingles
  • Metal Roof Coating or Painting
  • Roof Spray Painting
  • Painting Ceilings
  • Cornice Painting

When it comes to roof painting services, PCJ is the qualified contractors in Gauteng ready to handle any and all commercial and house roof painting projects. If you’re a small homeowner, large business owner, corporate company or public retail store or building, Paint Contractor Johannesburg has the right teams, tools, vehicles and experience to tackle all roof painting as well as painting ceilings and cornices. It does not matter what kind of roof design you may have, choice of material used for your roofing or painting techniques you require as PCJ does it all, including a few examples as below:

Painting Ceiling Whilst Standing On A Ladder
Ceiling Being Painting By Painting Contractors Johannesburg

PCJ is the roof painting contractors who know their customers deserve nothing but the best results, give them the utmost value for their money with the best customer experience while keeping to our highest standards and working around your time schedule, making us your first and only roof painting services company.

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