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Paint Contractor Johannesburg offers multiple levels of painting services, waterproofing and painting techniques for the ultimate paint job. Whether you’re looking for painting contractors who do house painting, interior and exterior painting, wall painting, floor painting, ceiling painting, roof painting, commercial and industrial painting, then PCJ are guaranteed to be your best and friendliest painting contractors who offer you free painting quotes on the spot.

Painting Contractor Johannesburg's Painting Services Offered For Businesses & Individuals

Painting Contractors Johannesburg Interior Painting

Interior Painting

Painting Contractors Johannesburg Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting

Painting Contractors Johannesburg Residential Painting

Residential Painting

Painting Contractors Johannesburg Commercial Painting

Commercial Painting

Painting Contractors Johannesburg Roof & Ceiling Painting

Roof Painting

Painting Contractors Johannesburg Waterproofing & Damp Proofing

Water Proofing

Commercial Painting

PCJ Commercial Painting Contractors offer services for all big and small businesses around Gauteng province at affordable rates. Our commercial painters are readily available and prepped for any paint job, anywhere in Gauteng. All commercial painting services are offered by Paint Contractor Johannesburg, instances include:

  • Brick, Concrete & Galvanised Steel Surfaces
  • Interior & Exterior Walls
  • Roofs & Ceilings
  • Gates & Fences
  • Retail Outlets
  • Restaurants
  • Floors

Residential Painting

Residential house painters are needed for any painting scenario where an entire house paint job is needed, whether it’s a newly built house, renovated or just needs your own personal touch to make your new home your own home, Paint Contractor Johannesburg is just a phone call away and will be able to assist in an instant!

Residential painting is an everyday thing here for us with several years of experience with residential painting, making us your #1 residential painting contractors in Gauteng. The residential painting services we offer include:

  • House, Complex, Duplex
  • Multistorey Buildings
  • Gates, Fences, Walls
  • Home Offices
Family Home Bathroom Being Painted
Painting Contractors Johannesburg Painting Bathroom Walls & Ceiling

Interior Painting

Main Home Bedroom Being Painted
Painting Contractors Johannesburg Painting Main Bedroom

Something as simple and cost effective as interior wall painting changes how you view your home or even encourages employees in the workplace and can keep them truly motivated with a wide range of interior paint colours and paint job designs. The professional interior painters at Paint Contractor Johannesburg will completely inspect and prep your walls before any painting is undergone to ensure the best paint finish and bondage.

Home interior painting or just any interior painting, in general, is what Paint Contractor Johannesburg does on the daily with multiple satisfied customers with their continued and loyal support. PCJ can assist in choosing the best interior paint that meets the requirements of your application or whatever it is you may have in mind. Our interior house painting services, commercial and industrial, include all interior surfaces that would need painting like doors, arches, floors and skirtings.

Exterior Painting

Exterior paint may be intimidating to many, but us here at Paint Contractor Johannesburg help you hand-in-hand choosing the best exterior paint for your walls. The teams at PCJ are dedicated professional exterior painters when it comes to exterior house painters, commercial exterior painting, industrial exterior painting and just any exterior painting in general, making PCJ your go-to exterior painting contractor throughout the whole of Gauteng.

PCJ will also offer you free exterior painting quotes before any paint job is undergone to ensure you have the best prices and most cost effective exterior painting experience. Some exterior services we offer include:

  • Painting Exterior Walls, Gates, Fences, Floors, Doors
  • All Residential Exterior Painting
  • Commercial Exterior Painting
  • Industrial Exterior Painting
  • Exterior Home Painting
An Office Block Being Painted
Painting Contractors Johannesburg Painting An Office Block

Roof & Ceiling Painting

Painters Hanging From The Side Of A Building To Paint Its Exterior Walls
Painting Contractors Johannesburg Painting Building Exterior

Often forgotten or neglected, roof painting becomes the last priority when left for another day until it’s too late. Paint Contractor Johannesburg is the preferred roof painting contractors when it comes to choosing the best roof paint, waterproof paint and roof waterproofing. When roof painters are required, PCJ will be at hand ready to get the job done fast and efficiently and can start the paint job on the day of your phone call.

Apart from painting roof tiles, PCJ paints all ceiling types and heights along with cornices of any shape or design, all done to your likings. Never let your roof or ceilings go unpainted, PCJ is your ultimate roof painting contractors in Gauteng with unprecedented results!

Waterproofing & Damp Proofing

To think something as simple as waterproofing can cause havoc to your home or building if not done or done properly. Apart from painting contractors, PCJ is also waterproofing contractors who are able to waterproof homes, buildings, retail stores, walls, foundations, roofs or any scenario where waterproofing is required. PCJ offers the best pricing on all damp proofing jobs to ensure you stay in budget while getting the job done right and on time.

Protect your assets from water damage and insist on using the best waterproofing contractors in the whole of Gauteng! Waterproofing your home or business has never been easier. Call PCJ today and see for yourself!

Painting A Building Exterior Wall Blue
Painting Contractors Johannesburg Painting A Buildings Wall

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